Project Child Find

This is an effort coordinated by your local school system and the Exceptional Children Division, State Department of Public Instruction. 

Project Child Find seeks to locate and identify children and youth ages birth through 21 with disabilities who are in need of special education and related services and inform parents and/or guardians of the services available from their local school system and other state and community agencies. 

The Learning Center! Board of Directors requires that all special education programs that are operated in our school comply with Procedures Governing Programs and Services for Children with Special Needs as adopted by the State Board of Education. As a TItle 1 school, we are dedicated to meeting each student's unique needs and providing a quality education for all learners. 


At TLC! we have one class per grade, giving students who need differentiated instruction an incredible opportunity to receive frequent one-on-one attention from their instructor. In addition to the differention our teachers provide, our Exceptional Children (EC) staff works with students both in the classroom, and in special one-on-one or small group sessions to make sure that each student is reaching their fullest potential. Meet them below.


For Students That Need Intervention

Reading Intervention

Literacy is the foundation for a quality education, and we strive to make sure every student at TLC! becomes a solid reader. Our students receive direct reading instruction through Guided and Self-Selected Reading sessions in the classroom using the 4 Blocks Literacy model, which stresses differentiation during lessons. EC staff conducts reading intervention both in small group and one-on-one settings. We offer afterschool intervention in reading, as well as a summer Reading Camp to absolutely ensure that no child misses out on this critical skill.

Differentiated Instruction

Teachers at TLC! are expected to include strategies for differentiation in every lesson plan that they create. Working with just one class for the entire year allows our teachers to really get to know each learner and take their individual learning style into account when teaching. Lessons are crafted to be inclusive of the unique needs within each class. By balancing traditional classroom teaching with outdoor learning, technology integration, and frequent hands-on work, we provide a rich and varied academic environment that is accessible to all.

The Family Support Network

FSN is a parent-to-parent program serving families of children with special needs or health concerns, and brings families together to support and learn from each other. FSN links people with resources, provides educational workshops, and hosts support groups. 

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meetings, groups,

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EC Coffee Cart

EC Teacher Heather Rogers has created a Friday Coffee Cart for her EC Students. Working the cart teaches students the opportunity to practice life skills such as social exchanges, taking orders, sequencing, taking money and making change. EC students are assisted by Ms. Heather and two upper grades students. The Coffee Cart has been a huge hit, and gives our EC students yet another rich, educational experience.

DotCom Online Therapy Services

During the 2017-18 school year, we decided to implement monitored, online

therapy services to provide Occupational and Speech Therapy to our students.


Similar to traditional on site therapy, online therapy enables students to visit their therapy room and meet the same therapist every week. During the online sessions, trained and licensed therapists deliver learning experiences that are highly engaging and drive student success. The online activities that are used during therapy are exciting and different from most students day-to-day activities, which increases their level of engagement. As students go through the therapy process the technology becomes invisible to them; it is like the therapist is sitting in front of them, right in the room and they connect on a personal level.

An onsite monitor is present with the student as the online therapist works with him or her. The monitor assists the student with tasks and facilitates the process.

Watch this video to find out more about DotCom

Exceptional Children Intervention Staff

Resources for Dyslexia

The NC Department of Public Instruction Exceptional Children Division, in collaboration with ECAC, have completed the production of two videos on dyslexia to fulfill the requirements of HB 149- to make electronic information available to parents and educators. These videos are available in both English and Spanish on the homepage of the Exceptional Children Division and on the Disability Resources page for Specific Learning Disabilities

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Physical Therapist

Shannon Lominac

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For Students That Need Extension

Middle School Compacted Math

Beginning in the sixth grade, students work at a faster pace to complete four years of math in three years.  When they graduate from eighth grade, students will have completed 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math, in addition to Integrated Math I, which is usually offered to high school freshmen.  Students are chosen for this program by their high performance on MAP assessments, EOG tests, and positive teacher recommendations. 

The 4 Blocks Literacy Model

The Four Blocks Curriculum utilized in our Language Arts classrooms allows for a multitude of extension opportunities. Writing conferences occur one-on-one with each student weekly, and during Self-Selected Reading students are allowed and encouraged to choose books that challenge their Lexile. Guided Reading sees our most successful readers taking leadership roles in group discussions and novel studies.

Emphasis on Collaboration

In every classroom at TLC!, we place an emphasis on working together in partners and groups. We believe that when students teach each other, retention skyrockets. Students who are excelling have the opportunity to grow as teachers as well as learners, and are often called upon to become leaders during projects and experiential learning. A true 21st Century Student must understand the value of collaboration.

Many students at TLC! work at a level that is considered AIG, or Academically or Intellectually Gifted. We strive to support their continued pursuit of excellence by providing many opportunities to work above and beyond their grade level, as well as taking on leadership positions. 


Our goal is to support our gifted students in meeting their considerable potential. We can encourage them with supports that already exist at our school, and can also work with students individually to create a plan just for them, if appropriate.

Students who qualify for the AIG program will have the opportunity to work in a small group setting on special projects throughout the year. These projects will be an extension of what they are learning in class. This gives students an opportunity to dig deeper into a topic their class in studying and they are interested in. AIG students will use a variety of tools to showcase what they've been learning. 

Our AIG program is lead by Monica Matthews, an AIG licensed educator. "I love challenging and helping each student grow to their fullest potential," says Matthews. "I want to help them develop the leadership skills to become advocates and community leaders." For more information, email Ms. Monica at monica@naturallygrownkids.org