Meet the Digital Learning  Team

Our Digital Learning Team is responsible for driving the direction of Digital Learning at The Learning Center. They meet to discuss everything tech related, from policies to devices and technology infrastructure. They ensure that our Tech policies align to the school's overall Strategic Plan and communicate these policies

to all faculty and staff.


"The Digital Learning Team’s (DLT) mission is to collaboratively provide leadership, service, and advocacy for equitable access and effective use of informational resources and instructional technology at The Learning Center!"


Cheryl Catuto, Jay Ward, Jessie Adams, Franklin Shook, Ms. Emily, Ryan Bender


We teach our students to smart, responsible 21st Century Digital Citizens. We want them to use all the tools at hand wisely, and understand important boundaries, behaviors, and actions when it comes to participating online. 

We hope that by teaching this important citizenship lesson early on, our students will apply the same safety precautions, high expectations, and respectful treatment of others that we demand on our campus to the online world. We want everyone at our school to leave a positive Digital Footprint!

Students in our 2018 Robotics Elective can't get enough Digital Learning! 

Using Tech to Teach & Learn

Our goal at TLC! is to created a blended learning environment where students learn using a variety of methods, tools, and techniques. We balance screen time with green time and know that we must integrate all ways of learning to reach every student in our classrooms. Below are just some of the ways we use tech to execute our lessons. 

Using our Digital Devices - See Sidebar 

Khan Academy 

CNN 10 

Power my Learning

Google Classroom 

Formative Loop - Math Fluency

ABCya - Elementary Fluency 

Prodigy - K-2 Math

MAP Testing - Scroll down to find out more!


DotCom Online Therapy Services

Similar to traditional on site therapy, online therapy enables students to visit their therapy room and meet the same therapist every week. During the online sessions, Dotcom therapists deliver learning experiences that are highly engaging and drive student success. The online activities that are used during therapy are exciting and different from most students day-to-day activities, which increases their level of engagement. As students go through the therapy process the technology becomes invisible to them; it is like the therapist is sitting in front of them, right in the room and they connect on a personal level.

An onsite monitor is present with the student as the online therapist works with him or her. The monitor assists the student with tasks and facilitates the process. Find out more about DotCom and the benefits of online therapy. 

Meet Our IT Director

Franklin Shook is the Information Technology Director at The Learning Center. He comes to us from Western Carolina University where he held an IT Technician position for the Office of the Registrar. He holds a Masters in Library Science from East Carolina University and  a Bachelor's in Library Informatics from Northern Kentucky University.

Mr. Franklin

This mix of technology and research skills allows him to address the hardware and the instructional technology training needs at TLC; including aligning our needs with North Carolina's Digital Learning Competencies. On top of tech duties, Franklin also teaches a technology elective every Friday usually themed around coding, programming, making and 3D Printing. 

Digital Devices @ TLC

We strive to create a Learning Environment where students have a full array of digital resources at their fingertips. Below are some of the resources that our students have access to on a daily basis. 

Full Computer Lab

Our middle schoolers utilize a full computer lab with a desktop PC per student. This lab enables our students to research for projects, enhance learning, and find differentiation activities. 

Mobile Labs 

Two portable mobile laptop labs allow one-to-one computer access available wherever we need it. Any teacher may use this lab to enhance their lessons with digital content and teach computer usage skills! 

Mimio, SMART Boards & Document Cameras

Every classroom at The Learning Center features a computer-connected digital projector and document camera.

The projector connects to the teacher's 

computer and creates a high quality,

large visual for streaming digital content.

Many rooms feature Mimio or SMART boards that can not only stream content through the board, but use special markers to become an interactive digital learning hub.

Compacted Math Kindles

In our compacted math classroom, students have one-to-one Kindles to enhance their lessons and support their learning.

3D Printers

Our school was chosen to receive a grant to purchase two 3D Printers. These give students a chance to learn design, programming, and engineering while enhancing their projects and lessons with 3D objects. 

Our Network

TLC provides network access to all students on campus by utilizing fiber optic internet provided by North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN).

We also utilize content filtering that complies with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) ensuring the online safety of our students while they use effective online educational resources. ​

Looking for a great summer camp for your budding inventor and tech nut?


We annually host the Innovation Academy summer camp - chock full of digital engineering and inventing experiences.

Click here to find out more and register today! 

MAP Testing

MAP® Growth™ measures what students know and informs what they’re ready to learn next. By dynamically adjusting to each student’s responses, MAP Growth creates a personalized assessment experience that accurately measures performance. Timely, easy-to-use reports help teachers teach, students learn, and administrators lead.

At The Learning Center, we utilize MAP testing with every student, three times per year, to get an in depth look at their progress. As the students grow throughout their time at The Learning Center, we can track their progress over time and create meaningful growth and instruction through the years.

This video gives a great overview of the idea behind MAP and how it can be used to engage students as individuals.

This video gives a great overview of the Student Profile Report and how teachers and students can use it to reach their goals.


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