As a school we must be highly innovative and financially creative to bring the best teachers, tools, and resources to our students. Behind every Community of Learners there must be an active Community of Givers.

We are a non-profit, 501c3 organization. ALL monetary gifts made to the school or through the Jackie Ward Foundation are eligible for tax deduction. Click HERE to discover more about the school's big picture projects that are embraced under the vision of this community foundation. 


While financial donations are incredibly important, your time and talent are also appreciated. Please explore the many ways to become an active giver to The Learning Center! Charter School.

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To help us reach these goals click the donate button or call our school office at 828-835-7240 and ask for Giving Assistance.

  • Mobile Stage System Components

    • 2 Dollies - $150 each

    • 8 Riser Sets - $4669.99(including guard rails, stairs, and skirting)

    • 1 Riser Trolley - $1,000

    • TOTAL (after shipping) - $7,000

  • Full Mobile Stage & Riser System - $30,000

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hot ticket item.

It (and any Learning Center project over $25,000) 

will be funded through donations to The Jackie Ward Foundation, designated for The Learning Center. 

  • STEAM Outdoor Classroom Project

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 $2,000 in for the K/1st Playground, and $1,480 in for the Mobile Stage & Riser System. Thank you, Community of Givers! 

CHAIRS HAVE BEEN FUNDED! Due to a Healthier US Schools grant and generous private donations, we were able to buy all the chairs we need for our mobile stage system. 

Even More Ways to Give

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The Power of Many Giving a Little

Can Change Our World

  • 25 donors giving $10 each will supply one classroom with E-STEAM supplies for a year!

  • 20 donors giving $5 each will buy books and supplies  

      for a classroom!

  • 10 donors giving $20 each will provide 10 scholarships for Clogging Classes! 

  • 5 donors giving $35 each will provide a scholarship for

       a student to attend a class trip!


  • 1 donor giving just $60 provides a year of outdoor adventures for our 5th graders through the Muddy Sneakers program!

This powerful truth also works for bigger projects:

  • 80 donors giving $100 each will provide the first phase

       of the K-1st playground.

  • 60 donors giving $500 each will make our Multi-Use Performance Stage and Riser System a reality for our school and Community of Learners.

Become a Monthly Giver

"Every little bit helps!" is brought to life through the Monthly Giver Program. Turn good intentions into active monthly giving.

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Share the Vision

Make Connections

Chances are you know people who want to make a difference through philanthropy.  Please help us to share the vision with the people you know. A simple connection between a school in need and a willing supporter of education can make all the difference.


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