The Learning Center! is committed to creating and sustaining a healthy school environment that supports student achievement and well-being by encouraging the development of lifelong wellness practices such as healthy eating and physical activity. We believe that a healthy learner is a good learner. We all know the value of a nutrient-rich meal, a little exercise, and a good night's sleep, and we try to instill a deep sense in our students of what it means to have a healthy lifestyle. Healthy living is a core value at TLC! and an intregral part of our school day.


Every day students are offered a free breakfast, an hour of Physical Education, and a nutrious, well-balanced lunch. In the classroom, one might find our teachers implementing healthy living in Science, while studying human anatomy, Math, while crunching the numbers on calories vs. workout time, or Social Studies, while studying the history of regional foodways. Like everything at TLC!, healthy living is an integrated part of a curriculum that strives the educate the whole child. 



PE at TLC! is anything but ordinary. Students are taught the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through learning archery, dancing, and hiking, as well as traditional sports and running. By middle school, students are creating their own exercise plan and tracking their fitness goals. 


Our Nutrition program has fed thousands of students a nutritious bounty, introduced new foods into young diets, and inspired burgeoning chefs to create their own yummy, healthy fare. See why we earned a USDA "Best Practice" Award.


GOTR is an extracurricular offering that encourages young ladies to become empowered in and proud of their physical form, instead of succombing to the body-negativity so prevalent among women in our society. This program has shown many of our girls how to be healthier mentally and physically. 


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