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Find everything you need from the Magnus Health Portal, school policies and forms, Google Drive links, school breakfast & lunch menus, information about Parents Involved, After School Program information and more. 


Safety First

Full reopening plans for next year include ways to keep our school and community healthy and safe.


Magnus Health Portal


School Policies & Forms

In addition to our Family Handbook, you'll find all school policies and forms for The Learning Center Charter School within the Google Drive linked below. 


Google Drive Link

Your student's teacher(s) may provide documents, forms, surveys, or additional information via The Learning Center Google Drive. Access that Google Drive with the link below. 

Nutrition Staff at The Learning Center Charter School.jpg

School Menu

Offering well-prepared, healthy food that nourishes the young learner is a cornerstone of our educational environment. Our award-winning nutrition program is teaching by example, everyday, by serving up homemade meals rich with nutrients, that look, smell, and taste delicious. 


Parents Involved 

Parents Involved is our version of a traditional PTA. We believe in fostering a Community of Learners, and our Parents Involved are a crucial part of this community. 


Parents Involved (PI) is a non-profit entity working solely for the better good of the students, teachers and The Learning Center as a whole.  We earn our dollars by fundraising and all proceeds go back to the students and their classrooms. We welcome your involvement!


After School Programs

We offer several after school options to support our students in retaining and practicing the information they learn in the classroom each day. Space is limited! If you plan to have your student in after school from time to time, you must call the office to reserve space.

Please contact us at (828)835-7240 with any questions about our programs. 

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