1st Grade E-STEAM Project All About Pumpkins

Bar graph-How Many Seeds in A Pumpkin?

First grade has just completed a cross-curricular unit on pumpkins. Inspired by the book How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? By Margaret McNamara,  Ms. Beth coordinated with Ms Shelley in P.E. and Ms Emily in Science to meet many first grade standards. “Pumpkin Palooza” , as it was called,  had Pumpkin Bowling, weighing pumpkins, estimating the number of seeds and decorating pumpkins with Ms. Shelley. Students observed our very own pumpkin vines and discussed the needs of living things with Ms. Emily in science. With Ms Beth in Language Arts students completed a lapbook and an informational piece about pumpkins.  In Math they counted the number of seeds and constructed a bar graph with the data. The seeds were then roasted by Chef Mary and provided a delicious snack for the class and an opportunity to discuss healthy eating. In STEM students built structures out of gummy pumpkins and toothpicks and recorded the results they achieved and problems they encountered. First grade enjoyed their study of this fall fruit!

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