2nd Grade STEM / STEAM Projects Studying the Human Body


Recently Second Graders have been working on the human body and some of the systems. As part of the unit, students completed a Marvelous Me! project as they learned about the heart, lungs, ribs, esophagus, and stomach intestines.  They were able to learn all about the digestive system and the functions of other bones and major organs. It was a unit where the children were able to learn how their bodies work and how bones and organs are placed and why they are positioned the way the are.


The children were able to blow into their “lungs” and see them inflate and deflate as well as watch “food” pass through the esophagus, into the stomach.


This was a great project, and by the children constructing the project themselves and learning each part along the way, they were able to learn a lot about their own bodies.


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