2nd Grade — STEM — Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Second grade celebrated Earth Day on April 22nd. As part of the two week project based learning unit, the students were taught the importance of protecting and caring for our environment, both locally and globally. In Reading, the children read about recycling, comparing how paper and glass is made, and they had a chance to take a “trip” with a plastic bottle to see how it’s made and how it was repurposed and recycled. In Writing, the students completed a research paper in which they wrote about our earth and how and why we should protect it. In Science, the children learned about the resources the earth provides us and how these resources are used and how they should be conserved. In Social Studies, students learned how environmental issues affect not only our local community, but has far reaching global impacts. To end the Earth Day unit, students were presented with a challenge. They had to use math and engineering skills to design and repurpose trash into something new. The students had to take the projects in steps by planning, deciding on materials, sketching out designs, building their ideas and sharing their end product with other students. 


Throughout the Earth Day studies, students picked up trash, discussed ways to reuse supplies, wear hand-me-downs, consume less, and finished off with creating reusable grocery bags out of old t-shirts. Students loved making the bags and wanted to use every little bit of waste fabric to create costumes.


Second grade enjoyed learning about the environment, why we should recycle, reduce and reuse and why planet Earth is a miraculous gift that we should all work together to care for.



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