2nd Semester Elective Offerings for 6th-8th Grade Students


Listed below are all of the electives offered to 6th-8th graders for the second semester.

1)  Drama —  This spring TLC will put on another musical productions.  Stayed tuned for more information!

2)  Basic Art and Design Skills — students will work to develop basic art and design skills as applied to a variety of design projects including helping with decorations for the annual Sweetheart Ball as well as some set work for the spring drama production.

3)  Claymation — Students will be working with clay, sculpting characters, objects, and the setting during the first part of this elective.  They will work towards mapping out a story that they would like to eventually produce in a video using Windows MovieMakrer and their clay figures.

4)  Trailblazers — These students will be “blazing” trails through The Outdoor Learning Center both near the school, in the woods, and in the gardens.  Projects will include improving and expanding the nature trail to the river, exploring trails near the school including the river walk, working on Project Creekbank in eradicating non-native species , working in several garden spots, and other garden and wood related activities.

5)  Pottery 101 — This beginning pottery class will focus on learning how to make wonderful, functional objects out of clay!  Students will learn to throw on the wheel and to hand build.  They will learn about different techniques for decorating and finishing their pieces and do some basic glazing.

6)  Envirothon — All students participating in the Soil and Water Conservation Envirothon will participate in this elective.  Students will work to develop the group service learning project focused on hydroponics and aquaponics, raising both tilapia and lettuce.  Work will include conducting research, designing the project, and building the project.


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