4th Grade STEM Project – Magnets!

2014-03-03 09.26.21

Students recently explored magnetic attraction in fourth grade.  Students used a variety of magnets to determine poles on unlabeled magnets.  Then students got to put different magnets in their boat and determine how to move the boat with other magnets.  Students learned “hands on” that a magnetic force can act across a distance without touching an object.  Students recorded their findings in their notebooks, careful to add detailed drawings like a professional scientist would in his lab journal. Afterward students were challenged to create a two-wheeled vehicle with their magnet.  Some had a simple bar magnet with a ring magnet on either end and moved it using another bar magnet.  Others put a bar magnet inside the plastic boat and put two circle magnets outside the boat.  It was fun to see the students use creative designs and magnets to make moving objects!

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