5th Grade "Muddy Sneaker" Adventures Begin

Each year, our fifth grade students spend the year doing field work with Muddy Sneakers. The Muddy Sneakers program exists to enrich the standard course of study through experiential education in an outdoor setting where students connect with the land, become more active, and gain self-confidence while improving science aptitude. Muddy Sneakers began as a pilot program in the spring of 2007 with Brevard and Pisgah Forest Elementary Schools in Transylvania County and has grown each year to now serve 36 schools across 12 counties and 13 school districts in the Carolinas.

On September 13th, our fifth graders had their first Muddy Sneakers expedition of the school year. Time was spent learning the rules and safety procedures while participating in Muddy Sneakers as well as an introduction to the Scientific Method that will be used each further adventure.

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