5th Grade STEAM: Lynx Eat Hare??

[STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. STEAM lessons cross the curriculum and integrate science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.]

Fifth graders have been studying habitats, ecosystems and food chains in science class.  For this particular STEM/STEAM activity, the class was divided into groups and one student from each group had to explain the directions to the rest of the group.  The students had to cut out pieces of cardboard to represent a lynx. They then had to cut out little pictures of hares.  They put the hares on a desk that was pre measured.  The students tossed the cardboard lynx at the hares trying to “eat” them. If they ate three they reproduced and if they did not eat any they starved to death.  As they did the activity they had to record their results on a data chart.  When they were done they recorded everything in their journals.  Ms. Jay took their data and entered it into the Logger Pro graphing program and showed the students their results.  Then the activity ended with a discussion on over population.


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