5th Grade Teaches 2nd Grade All About Weather


Recently Fifth Graders went over to Second Grade to teach all about weather! There were five different stations each with a different weather related activity.


At the first station the Fifth Graders taught how to make wind socks out of construction paper and tissue paper. They explained this would show the direction of the wind.  At station two Fifth Graders explained how to make a rain gauge out of a 16 oz. water bottle using scissors, a ruler, and a marker.  At the third station Second Graders learned from the Fifth Graders how to make an anemometer from 4 bathroom cups, a straight pin, a pencil, 2 straws, 1 plastic cup, and tape.  At the fourth station students used Science House equipment —  an anemometer, thermometer, and two verniers (that read the data from the thermometer and anemometer.)  Fifth Graders had been trained how to use the equipment and happily taught the Second Graders what the instruments were and how to use them.  The last station was the tornado tube station. The Second Graders learned that a tornado is funnel shaped and even learned how to create a tornado in a 2-liter bottle. They did this using two 2-liter bottles, water, and duck tape.


The Second Graders had a blast learning about weather and weather instruments from the Fifth Graders!




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