6th Grade Builds Wave Machine

6th Grade Builds Wave Machine

Recently, sixth grade students created a candy wave machine. It was made from duct tape, a ruler, skewers, and jelly candy hearts. The duct tape was measured with marks every 4 inches.

The class first started with 36 skewers (2 per student) and 144 jelly hearts (4 per student). The students pushed the jelly hearts onto each end of the skewers and attached their skewers to the pre-made marks on the duct tape. Once all 36 were attached, they experimented with the wave machine and realized it did not visually show a wave well with the skewers so far apart. The class opted to include 26 more skewers and 52 more candies and attached these skewers in between the others making it one skewer every 2 inches instead of 4 inches.

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