8th Grade Studies Water Quality in Great Smoky Mountains

Recently, eighth graders at TLC! had the fantastic opportunity through the Great Smoky Mountain National Park Service to participate in the Water Quality Program. This program is geared towards eight grade students and is combined with the Park’s salamander inventory program.

So what did they do? The Smokies has over 2,100 miles of rushing mountain streams and rivers that flow through the park. In each mile lives a diverse community of native fish, amphibians, insects, and larvae, some of which are found only in the Southern Appalachians. Park fisheries managers and university researchers monitor water quality, fish populations, and watersheds to better understand the dynamics of water running through diverse ecosystems. During their trip, the eighth grade students assisted the park in collecting data from the stream and identifing the quality of the stream using water quality test parameters and bioindicators.

Something tells me they found ways to get up close and personal with the water quality while there.  What do you think?


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