8th Grade Ventures Out to Forensics Lab


Eighth grade students at The Learning Center! Charter School recently traveled to Western Carolina University’s Forensic Lab as part their Venture Out Program. They met with undergraduate, graduate and doctorate students in the WCU forensics department to learn about how forensics is used in solving crimes, learning about history and anthropology. They toured the lab and saw fascinating DNA extraction equipment. These eighth graders explored the processes of taking a small piece of bone or tooth and determining the DNA sequence of the animal or person that it came from.  These students learned about the art of dusting for fingerprints, lifting the prints and analyzing them.  They even analyze mock crime scene.


The Venture Out Program offered to all eighth graders at the charter school focuses on exposing students to a cross-curricular, in-the-field study of our state. Over the course of the school year the eighth grade class tours many areas of the mountain region of North Carolina and spends time learning about and touring the Piedmont and Coastal regions through the Upper-Grades Class Trip offerings.


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