8th Grade Ventures Out to Hazel Creek

As part of Venture Out Program, the eighth grade class traveled by boat to Hazel Creek just before school let out for summer break.  North Carolina curriculum requires 8th grade students study our state history and our school’s Venture Out Program couples the study of North Carolina history with travel and real life experiences.

Hazel Creek, located on the North Shore of Fontana Lake, is one of the most remote areas of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  It was the location of many thriving communities until the Tennessee Valley Authority forced the residents to leave their homes to make way for the Fontana reservoir in 1943.  Although the TVA never used this 44,000 acres of Swain County as part of the Fontana project, they did not offer to return it to the original owners.  Instead they gave it to the National Park Service and it became the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Proctor is a former town located on Hazel Creek named after the first white settler to the area.

Not only did these students get to learn this history but they got to see and touch actual artifacts as well.

Goodbye Proctor and Hazel Creek.  That is . . . goodbye until next year’s 8th graders visit!


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