9th Grade Bike Repair with Community Partner

9th Grade Bike Repair with Community Partner

An integral part of the high school program at The Learning Center is offering a rich E-STEAM environment with hands-on problem based learning at it's core. To offer this kind of atmosphere for our students requires that we work with community partners to provide opportunity, space, project ideas, materials, knowledge and more.

A group of our current 9th graders are particularly mechanically inclined and sought ways to repair bicycles as part of their larger Piney Knob Trail System project that the entire class is working on.

Our community partner Brian, of All American Estate Clearing, is a perfect example of the meaningful collaboration that takes place between our high school students and local business owners. He heard that our students wanted both bikes and a space to work on them and stepped up to provide that. Additionally, he has worked to impart some mechanical skills to these young mechanics as well.

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