Alphabet Exchange Brings World Closer


Learning Center! Charter School kindergartners are learning about the alphabet via a global collaboration with students from around the world. The Alphabet Exchange program has hundreds of participating classrooms in the United States, Canada and other parts of the globe. Each participating class is assigned a group of 26 different classrooms around the country –one for each letter of the alphabet. The Learning Center kindergarten class was assigned the letter “E”. The school’s assigned group of collaborating classrooms included ones from California, Iowa, Ohio, Georgia and one from Canada, to name a few.

Each classroom is tasked to decorate 26 copies of their assigned letter.  The Learning Center kindergartners and teacher, Monica Gatti chose to make their letter, “E” look like an Elephant. The inspiration came from a book they read called, Elmer the Elephant, by David McKee, about a colorful patchwork elephant who is different from all the rest of the elephants.

“In addition to decorating the letter “E”, we wrote a letter describing our class, our town and community,” said Gatti. “We sent out all of our decorated “E” letters and written letters to the other classrooms nationwide and now we are receiving theirs.”

The goal for this Alphabet Exchange is for each participating class to have a full set of decorated letters from A to Z and for students to hear from their peers in other parts of the country and the world.

“We are really enjoying receiving the mail,” said Gatti. “We are mapping where each letter is coming from and learning about each location. This is an exciting way for students to learn the alphabet and connect with other students in a global way.”

The interdisciplinary project ties together kindergarten social studies, language, reading, and writing standards.



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