Annual Green & Clean Appreciation Dinner

The annual Green and Clean Dinner has to be one of the best events that our school makes happen. As most of you know who will be reading this post, we are a small school operating on a slim budget. Any landscaping that occurs comes from volunteer help. In May we come together at a white linen dinner under the stars, complete with some of the best food….typically main course,… meat and a vegetarian offering, are provided by our awesome school chef, Debby Intemann. Then side dishes are brought with an emphasis on local, from the garden foods. We gather to celebrate the year’s gardening accomplishments. As the night unfolds, our energy to work the grounds and to green our space grows. We all leave with growing plans for the upcoming year. Perhaps one of the dearest comments came from a family whose son is graduating from 8th grade this year…”Can we still be Green and Clean members after our son graduates?” Of course, the answer is yes. Get your hands dirty! Join Green and Clean…it’s a growing group.


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