Archery part of PE program at The Learning Center Charter School

Archery is a highly anticipated unit in PE each spring at The Learning Center Charter School.  So much so, that students start asking about it the first week of school each fall.

Physical education teacher, Shelley Farmer, introduced archery at the school over ten year ago.  She uses the NASP standard course study.

NASP stands for National Archery in the School Program.  The NASP is an in-school program aimed at improving educational performance by teaching students focus, self-control, discipline, and patience.

“Students in kindergarten through eighth grade participate in physical education five days a week at our school,” said Farmer. “And archery has proven to be incredibly popular over the years.”

Farmer said that during the Archery unit, students learn the history of archery, types of bows, parts to the bow and arrows, whistle commands, range layout, proper shooting technique and scoring.

“One of the main reasons that we teach archery every year is because it gives students that are not naturally athletic a chance to shine,” added Farmer.  “Archery doesn’t discriminate based on athletic skill, gender, size or academic ability.”


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