Arg! Ahoy Matey!

On September 19th, second grade celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day, and they had a BLAST! From the time the children came in, the fun began.  They did some wonderful pirate books in Guided Reading (So You Want to Be a Pirate and How I Became a Pirate) and in Self-Selected Reading as well.

They did Pirate Math where the children had to “Crack the Pirate Code” Yo, Ho, Ho!

They did a study on the real Blackbeard and the children found him extremely interesting.

They also learned that back in the 1700s, some pirates were “legal” pirates for certain countries, such as Spain, and legal pirates are known as Privateers. The children especially loved learning pirate lingo such as Jolly Roger, Shiver Me Timbers, and Walk the Plank.

They ended their day by making pirate maps. All in all, they had a great day and are now experts on how to be pirates!


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