Artist/Author Ann Woodford “Acts Locally” With Visit to Learning Center


First graders at The Learning Center! Charter School were delighted when their teacher, Monica Gatti invited local author and artist Ann Woodford visit her class. Woodford, who is a native of Andrews, NC, shared her art and stories with the students. They especially enjoyed the interactive song she taught them. It was a song she learned from her childhood that incorporated repetitive hand movements that the students picked up on quickly.

Woodford, who is an accomplished author and artist has lived all over the country and has developed a love for people and public relations. She has created works of art and crafts that have been marketed internationally. In the 1980s, she teamed up with actress Esther Rolle who played Florida Evans on the TV series “Good Times” and formed a successful business partnership.

Woodford, who believes that we must “Think globally” but “Act locally,” is deeply committed to community involvement. She is the founder of Chautauqua AVE! (Andrews Valley Experience!), a Chautauqua festival held each spring and fall in Andrews, NC, featuring local and national speakers.

Additionally, Woodford is the founder of “One Dozen Who Care, Inc.,” whose vision is to create leadership and community unity in the far western region of North Carolina through collaborating with other community groups, and organizing economic development, social, cultural and educational activities.

Teacher, Monica Gatti, who met Woodford when she was in middle school, said, “I was thrilled to give my students the opportunity to meet someone who made such an impression on me when I was young. I know they will remember this experience.”

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