Blarney! Second Grade Completes Cross Curricular Unit on St. Patrick’s Day


Second grade completed an exciting cross curricular St. Patrick’s Day unit. In reading they learned about St.Patrick and the origins of the holiday. They also learned about the many legends that surround the holiday. In social studies and global studies, students learned about how St.Patrick’s Day is celebrated around the world as well as all about Ireland and the Irish culture. In science and math, they designed and engineered their own leprechaun traps. In addition to the design and construction, they had to write about how their trap worked and the steps they took to build their traps.


On the day of the holiday, the class set up the Blarney Stone and invited all of the grades to stop by and kiss it.


Second grade loved learning about Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day, and they especially enjoyed building traps to catch that sneaky leprechaun that loved to play tricks on the second grade class.


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