Charter School Increases Staff, Transitions to Common Core Standards

L-R: Ms. Theresa, Ms. Chris and Ms. Jessilyn

The Learning Center! Charter School has begun implementation of the Common Core curriculum standards a year earlier than North Carolina schools are required and has added staff for school year 2011-2012. New this year are teachers Theresa Raker and Jessilyn Knight. Additionally, teacher Chris Crayton’s role has expanded to full time. 

Theresa Raker, from Kentucky, has 18 years teaching experience and holds a Masters of Education in grades first through eighth.  She lives in Hayesville, NC and is very interested in fiber arts. Raker has traveled to all 50 states and will be teaching middle school social sciences and language arts. In addition, she will be directing the middle school drama program.

Chris Crayton, originally from Illinois has lived in Cherokee County for the last 7 years.  She holds an undergraduate degree in  Pre-Med and a Masters in Botany. Crayton is certified in math & science grades sixth through eighth.  She has taught high school math, as well as math and science at Tri-County Community College. Crayton will teach 7th grade math, 8th grade math and science, and serve as school STEM coordinator. Additionally she will help coordinate the school’s Outdoor Learning Center Program. She has three children – also students at The Learning Center.

Jessilyn Knight, from Blairsville has 25 years experience in public school education. She holds a Bachelors degree in kindergarten through eighth and Masters Early Childhood Education.  She also holds an Education Specialist degree in Curriculum & Instruction, kindergarten through twelfth. She will teach kindergarten.


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