Charter School Legislative Update

This is who we work for afterall!

Throughout this school year I have kept you updated on what is happening in our state with regard to charter schools and proposed charter school legislation.  You might recall from these past updates that since charter schools were allowed in North Carolina, state law has capped the number of charter schools allowed to 100.  Much of this legislative term in Raleigh has been spent on efforts to remove that cap and to strengthen charter law in our state.

Earlier this month the cap on charter schools was lifted thanks to Senate Bill 8 and Governor Perdue.  The business of lifting the old cap is behind us thanks to Sen. Stevens’ bill and others’ hard work.

As NC Alliance for Public Charter School President Eddie Goodall says, now it’s time we move the ball faster and farther downfield and address the serious lack of knowledge about charters on behalf of the public and even the legislators that we witnessed during the last five months.  Per Mr. Goodall:

This “charter (information) gap” is the subject of the attached call for the education policy makers of the state to ask for a study committee to get to the truth about public charter school education. Rather than partisan rhetoric we need more fact-based data.

The charter gap of today is now the charter cap of the last 15 years. Join the NC Alliance in calling for a study of charters so the public has the facts!

The gap now needs lifting!

Clearly strides have been made this legislative session but more work needs to be done.  I will continue to keep you updated on where our state is headed in regard to charter school law.


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