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Hurry Up and Wait.

That’s the phrase that keeps coming to mind as I think about the North Carolina legislature’s effort this year to strengthen the state’s charter school law.

We’ve waited long enough. It’s time for action.

In February, thanks to your efforts, the Senate voted to lift the state’s cap on charters, narrow the funding gap between charter and traditional public schools, and establish a new path to getting charter applications approved in the state.

In an effort to avoid a threatened veto by the Governor, the House passed an amended version of SB 8 on April 11.  Despite those efforts to address her concerns, Governor Perdue has not come to the table and pledged her support for a measure that would strengthen the state’s charter school law.  Instead, SB 8 has languished in a conference committee for six weeks.

Governor Perdue won’t act unless she hears from the public charter school community that it’s time for her step up and back efforts to improve the state’s charter school law.  Tell her today.

Time is running short in this year’s legislative session.  We can’t let Governor Perdue run out the clock.

I urge you to contact her today and ask her to support efforts to enhance the state’s charter school law.

Thanks for your support.


Todd Ziebarth Vice President for State Advocacy and Support National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

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