Charter School Welcomes New Board Members

The Learning Center! Charter School welcomed three new school board members for the 2014-2015 school year. New members Chris Douglas, Kathy Rathbone and Bill Gamble join Cecilia Crawford (Board Chair), David Vowell and Linda Lovingood to round out the six member board dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in education at the county’s only public charter school.




Retired engineer, Bill Gamble brings 30 years of project engineering experience including supervision of aerospace propulsion mechanical systems testing. He holds a Master of Science in Management, and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Gamble is a community volunteer involved in local causes such as House Raising Volunteers. He is also a Coordinator of Nehemiahs Neighbors, a local men’s volunteer construction group and serves as project coordinator and chairman of his church Board of Trustees and Missions Deaconship.

“We welcome these capable, highly motivated and credentialed community servants to our school board,” said board chairwoman, Cecilia Crawford. “Without the Board’s support and time volunteering to our school, we would not be able to have the exceptional instructional program that we have today.

The Learning Center! is a tuition-free public charter school that operates independently from the local school district. The school itself is considered a school district and thus reports to a board of directors much the same way that traditional public school work with and report to their boards. In addition, charter school’s accept students across county lines.


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