Chicks & Salsa


Recently Ms. Debby ventured into kindergarten through fourth grade classes and  read the book Chicks and Salsa  to them.  It’s about barnyard animals who get tired of their feed and decide to cook Mexican food instead.


After the story, students were paired up and each pair made their own salsa from fresh ingredients.   They cut up tomatoes, onion, green peppers and garlic and Ms. Debby squeezed some lime on their salsa and gave each bowl a pinch of salt.  Students each took a turn stirring and when they were done they tasted their salsa.


Some really liked it and ate their whole bowlful!  Most gratifying are those kids who think they hate vegetables, but end up really liking the salsa.  And of course, that’s the point of the lesson:  to expose them to a variety good foods that they probably won’t otherwise try.



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