Clemson University Students Pitch in on Project Creek Bank

On Saturday, Feb. 19, 2011 twenty Clemson University students joined volunteers at The Learning Center! Charter School in their efforts to revitalize a tributary on school property that runs into the nearby Hiwassee River. The school has taken on the project (called “Project Creek Bank”) with the help of Tony Ward, Restoration Coordinator for Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition.  The coalition has provided staff and student training in identifying and methods of removal of invasive plants, as well as identifying native plants that are in danger of being overtaken by the invasive growth.

TLC! students worked along with Clemson University students.

“Two years ago, we made the first steps toward identifying the invasive plants that continue to take over this area,” said school director Mary Jo Dyre, “many to the extent of killing some of the native trees.” In the fall of 2009, the start of the effort was documented in a You Tube video by local blogger, Jackie Jentzsch on her blog called “Green as You Can Be.” The blog shares information about individuals, businesses and organizations that live “green.” The site highlights The Learning Center’s Project Creek Bank in the video as an example of students learning how to be “green” by using a hands-on approach.

Helpful Clemson University students hauled away invasive plants from the creek bank site.

Thank you Clemson students!


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