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Exciting things are happening on campus while students and their families are on summer break.  If you were to stop by the school right now you would find this sign on the door that normally would lead you to the front office.  However, the front office is in transition.  Why?  The Learning Center! Charter School is making some big changes in order to be a 21st Century campus!


What is a 21st Century campus?  One that is future ready!  One that is equipped to give students all they need to succeed in today’s world!  This means that over the summer the main office will be relocated to the area in front of the Dining Commons.  It means that 3rd and 4th grades will now occupy the modular formally occupied by the front office.  It also means that 5th and 6th grades will now occupy the former 3rd & 4th grade modular.  It means that the campus computer lab is being relocated and outfitted with furniture that works better for our students.  It means that when your students return in August you will soon see evidence of some BIG construction going on that will add to and remodel our current Dining Commons building.

For the past several years TLC! has been working towards a shift in curriculum that focuses on STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  But TLC! takes it a step further by focusing on E-STEAM — Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.  Use the search bar in the right hand column of this blog to select “STEM”  and “STEAM” to see what teachers have been doing in this regard for the last several years.   These construction changes are just the beginning of other changes that you will soon see on campus that will more visually embrace our E-STEAM approach.


Stayed tuned for more!


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