Cooking School with Ms. Debby — Leftover Thanksgiving

[This post was originally published November 28, 2010.  Considering the time of year, it seems a perfect time to republish it!  Thanks again Ms. Debby]

{Today is a special guest post from TLC chef Debby Intemann.  This is a first of a series called “Cooking School” where Ms. Debby teaches us some of her magic.  Thanks Ms. Debby!}

Wait!  Don’t throw out that turkey just yet.  A good, homemade stock can be the foundation of  warming winter soups and delicious sauces or gravies, and it contains minerals our bodies need in an easily absorbable form.  All this without the extra sodium, msg, and preservatives found in most canned soup.

Easy Chicken or Turkey Stock

This recipe assumes you have already eaten most of the meat from the bird and are left with mostly bones. Break up the carcass enough to fit in a deep pot and add about 3 quarts of water.

Cut two yellow onions in half.  Add to the water.

Chop two stalks of celery and two carrots into large pieces and add them to the water.  If you use organic carrots, don’t even peel them just chop and add.

Season with salt, pepper, a bay leaf or two, and any other herbs you choose.  Rosemary, thyme, parsley and sage all work well separately or in any combination.

Bring the mixture to a boil and then turn it down to simmer.  Cover it and let it simmer as long as you can.  The longer it slowly simmers the more flavor you should get in your stock.  When it’s done, let it cool  until you can safely strain it through a colander or sieve into another container.  Your are straining out the vegetables and bones and leaving yourself with a good  stock.  The stock will keep in a covered container in the fridge for five days or you can freeze it in freezer containers and it will keep frozen for months.

For an easy and wholesome winter meal, reheat the broth, add pasta or rice, fresh or frozen vegetables to make a soup.  Serve with a  good bread and a salad for some healthy comfort food.


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