Daily Walking Program

Students at The Learning Center Charter School have been walking their way to fitness this school year as part of a program from the National Center for Safe Routes to School.

The National Center for Safe Routes to School is the coordinating organization for Walk to School Day held every October and Bike to School Day held each May. These events are used to encourage families to celebrate the benefits of walking and biking and to increase local leader commitment and visibility for traffic safety and community quality of life.

However, staff at the charter school opted to take this program farther than just a one day event each semester. Instead, they instituted a daily walking program for all students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

School physical education coordinator, Cheryl Catuto, explained that they decided to create the walking program for several reasons. “We want to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for students, staff and parents,” said Catuto.  She added that starting each day with exercise is a great way to stimulate the brain and get it prepared to learn during school.  Also, by offering incentives to participate in the morning walk, the school has seen a reduction in the number of students arriving tardy to class each day.

Each morning students walk. If the weather is good, students walk a safe path on campus. If it is raining or below 35 degrees, students complete their walk in the Gymnatorium.

Sean Bain, physical education assistant, keeps statistics on the number of walkers and the percentage of each class that is walking each day.  He uses these stats to not only encourage participation but also to help the staff best determine what incentives to provide for the students.  Bain says that they have about 100 walkers every day.


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