Earth Gets a Little “TLC”

Kindergartners at The Learning Center! Charter School helped make the Earth a better place to live during this year’s Earth Day activities on April 20. Earlier in the week, the students had a lesson on what Earth Day is and what each person can do to care for our planet and it’s resources. They talked about how we can “reuse, recycle and reduce” to help maintain the Earth for the enjoyment of future generations. Students spent part of the day at the school’s outdoor classroom and around the campus picking up trash. Teacher Penny Grubbs said, “We read a story called The Carrot Seed that included a lesson on plants and seeds. We also planted some carrot seeds and we have been recording our observations on growth.”

The school has a recycling program and a “Green and Clean” parent-driven program to beautify the campus with garden plots, and “Garden-Based Learning” program promoting gardening and sustainability across the curriculum.


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