Entire Middle School visits Pacesetters Adventures

On August 24, 2018, the entire middle school student body of The Learning Center Charter School traveled to Pacesetters Adventures for a day of experiential learning, team building and confidence boosting.

The Learning Center’s middle school students are divided into six multi-grade CREW groups.  Each CREW meets several times a week throughout the school year and are designed to build relationships and a sense of community.  CREW allows students to have a safe place with peers to share both triumphs and defeats. CREW encourages peer facilitation wherein students take active leadership roles and teachers serve as moderators rather than leaders of the groups.

Pacesetters Adventures is a 44 acre campus located along the Valley River in Andrews, NC.  The facility has a 60 foot climbing tower as part of its Adventure Course as well as a giant swing, a 200 yard driving range, putting green, multipurpose building, as well as fishing, camping and assorted gear for use on any sort of adventure.

While student CREWS were at Pacesetters Adventures, they worked on games that required teamwork and good communication to complete.  Simple items like 2×4 lumber, ropes and tarps made for excellent challenge builders and provided the students hours of fun.

Charter school teacher, Jess Stephens said, “Our CREW concept is based on the idea that we are all in the same boat. We work together like a crew of a ship.”  She added, “The staff at Pacesetters Adventures not only provided a great adventure for our middle school students, but also the basis to work like the crews we set out to be.”


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