Even Our Youngest Students Learn About Engineering

Safety glasses are a must if you are a kindergartener at The Learning Center Charter School. That’s because when learning about the engineering concept of levers, these young students used hammers, nails and bolt cutters.

A lever is a simple machine that makes it easier to lift heavy objects or magnify the force made by our hands alone.

Instructional Technology Director at the school, Franklin Shook, visited the kindergarten class in October to teach students about this engineering concept.  Students learned about levers by making seesaws, using hammers to get nails out of wood and using bolt cutters.

Kindergarten teacher, Stephanie Wilson, said, “Kids are never too young to start learning about engineering.” She added that engineering calls for students to apply what they know about science and math and their learning is enhanced as a result.

“Since engineering activities are based on real-world problems and technologies, they help students see how disciplines like math and science are relevant in their lives,” Wilson added.

Mary Jo Dyre, Executive Director for the school, said, “For many years, we have worked diligently to make our curriculum and campus a STEM environment.”  STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math.

“It doesn’t surprise me one bit to walk into the kindergarten class on any given day and see them doing these engaging, hands-on activities,” added Dyre.


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