“Expose Yourself to Music” Program Shares Talents with Students


Murphy High School students, TJ and Jorja Evans recently performed for The Learning Center! Charter School’s “Expose Yourself to Music Friday” program. The program welcomes talents both locally and regionally and exposes students at The Learning Center! to a wide variety of music artists and genres.

“Over the past two years, the “Expose Yourself to Music Friday” program has developed to include as many community members as possible who are willing to share their musical talents with students at The Learning Center,” said music and chorus teacher, Judy Coleman.

TJ and Jorja are brother and sister and are the children of Learning Center! teacher, Jay Evans. Evans teaches 3rd grade english language arts, science and social studies at the school.

A freshman at Murphy High, TJ Evans demonstrated his musical skills and talent by playing a variety of instruments; including the baritone saxophone, alto saxophone, clarinet and alto clarinet. TJ has been part of a school band program since sixth grade. He performs in the marching band, the jazz band, and the concert band. His future career goals are to go to college for music education and become a music teacher. He became interested in music from his dad, who played different types of instruments in bands since he was 11 years old.

TJ’s sister, Jorja, also performed for students at The Learning Center. She sang a variety of rhythm-and-blues songs and two songs from the Disney movie, “Frozen.”  A junior at Murphy High School, Jorja is an active member in the chorus program. She has been a part of a chorus program in schools and churches since age six and has performed for many talent shows over the years. Jorja has been on local TV stations in her hometown, and she is currently trying out for the hit show, “The Voice.”

Her college goals include the desire to major in veterinary medicine and minor in history. Like her brother, she also became interested in music from her dad.

Mary Jo Dyre, director of The Learning Center! commented, “I was so pleased to hear that TJ and Jorja were encouraged by new Murphy High School Band Director, Jake Wentzek to participate in community volunteer efforts that help spread the word about the band program offerings to our area students.”


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