Film Set on Campus as DotCom Therapy Films Commercial

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

On April 29 and 30, 2021, a corner of a classroom on the campus of The Learning Center Charter School was turned into a film set as the school hosted DotCom Therapy for a video commercial shoot.

DotCom Therapy partners with schools, health systems, health plans, communities and families to provide speech, behavioral, and occupational therapy.  The school has used their services for two years to provide in-school speech and occupational therapy as well as mental health counseling services.

“As a school we are not able to hire full time speech and occupational therapists and finding DotCom Therapy has allowed us to offer highly trained, board-certified therapists to our students both effectively and consistently,” said Head of School, Ryan Bender.

Bender added that the school partnered with DotCom Therapy last summer to provide four mental health jam sessions that were available to the community at large. The sessions were conducted via Zoom and free to anyone to attend. Topics included ways of coping with the stress of the pandemic as well as ideas of what to do with children stuck at home during the time.

“Our partnership with DotCom Therapy has benefitted our students immensely and we were happy to host them onsite as they shot a commercial that they will ultimately use on their website and social media,” said Bender.


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