Fire Safety Week

Fire Safety Week occurs every October and this year Ms. Stephanie’s second grade class studied fire safety and took their studies to the field when they walked to the new fire station in Murphy where the firemen gave them some very good information regarding fire safety.  The children took a tour of the facility and were taught about the different types of fire trucks they keep at the fire station.

They also allowed the children and teachers to try out the fire hose by squirting water at a target.

Some fire safety tips we have learned this week are:

Stop,cover your face, drop, and roll

Call 9-1-1 for an emergency

Always report matches and lighters to adults

Check the batteries in your smoke detectors once a month and change the batteries every year

In a fire, never hide in a closet or under the bed

Touch the door to see if it is hot, and if so, escape through a window

Drop low to the floor and crawl to the nearest exit if in a fire

The children have also learned about the differences between urban fire fighters/stations/responsibilities/requirements versus rural fire fighters/station/responsibilities/requirements.  They have learned the different types of fire engines that are used to fight fires.  They have learned the importance of a Family Emergency Escape Plan and a Family Meeting Place (had to do an assignment for family meeting place.) 

You will notice one of the pictures is from the river walk- the Leech Place. We stopped and had a lesson about how the original town was built around the river and we talked about the 1800s Cherokee Legend regarding the giant leech.  They were so fascinated and talked and talked about it all day, so we HAD to get a picture.


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