First Grade STEAM Project 16

[Each week Ms. Darea’s first grade class has a STEAM lesson that crosses the curriculum and lasts all week.  STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.  Here is what Ms. Darea had to say about Project #16.]

We made birds’ nests this week for STEAM!  Last week we took our trip to the Georgia Mountain Research Center to learn about birds and we’ve also watched some videos of birds building nests and kept our eye on the eagles in Iowa via a web-cam.

In pairs, the children came up with a plan to build their nests.  They had to draw a sketch in their science notebooks and list the items they planned to gather.

We built our nests inside of pizza boxes.  We used tin cans and a couple of shovels to collect our materials from The Outdoor Learning Center.  It took a while for most of them to start building, but once they saw each other progressing, they all got to work building their nests!

I’m pretty impressed with our little birds!


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