First Grade STEM Project #6

[Each week Ms. Darea’s first grade class has a STEM lesson that crosses the curriculum and lasts all week.  Here is what Ms. Darea had to say about Project #6]

We’ve been learning about apples for a few weeks.  We’ve read fiction and nonfiction books about apples in guided reading and self-selected reading.  We learned about the life cycle of an apple, read diagrams of apple cross sections,  and made apple sauce in science.  On Friday, we continued our subtraction lessons with some apple subtraction on the Mimio board.  Then, we had an apple taste test between Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and Granny Smith Apples.  We then made a bar graph on the Mimio board.  Granny Smith apples won!  They’re my favorite too!  After spending some time discussing the data, we transferred the bar graph information to individual picto-graphs that the kids completed themselves.  Once these were finished we read a book called Eating Fractions.  We then did some fraction work on the Mimio board, focusing on ½ and ¼.  Then, we made apple prints and labeled them with the fraction they showed, either ½ or ¼. 


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