First Grade STEM Project #7

[Each week Ms. Darea’s first grade class has a STEM lesson that crosses the curriculum and lasts all week.  Here is what Ms. Darea had to say about Project #7]

STEM was so fun and successful this week!!!!!  This week’s focus was on seasons.  One science experiment we did earlier in the week was to predict how molecules would move in both hot water and cold water.  Several kids predicted that they would move faster in the hot water because they thought that the hot water would melt it quicker!  We dropped food coloring into a container of cold water and also a container of hot water and compared how it flowed throughout.  Obviously, the food coloring moved quicker in the hot water.  We compared how this might relate to our bodies.  Students said that the food coloring could represent our blood and the containers our bodies.  I asked how our bodies might function when warm compared to cold.  They totally made the connection that things might flow better in our bodies when warm.   We continued to talk about how to keep our bodies at the right temperature during the hottest and coldest seasons and a few days later we predicted if colors could affect temperatures.  

We did another experiment with two containers of water.  One container had black paper wrapped around it, the other did not.  We took a base temperature of both and set them outside in the sun.  We took the temperatures of both containers at the end of the day and took the differences between the morning and afternoon temperatures and learned that the temperature of the container covered in paper increased more than the other.

So, with these connections,  we did one final project on Friday.  Each group was secretly assigned a season.  They had to make collages that represented their seasons by cutting pictures out of magazines.  They had to include food, activities, words, and clothing.  Once these were completed, the collages were cut into fourths.  The groups were switched up.  The new groups had a piece of each group’s collages.  These pieces were glued down on a piece of cardboard and the groups had to decide which collage piece represented which season.  They labeled the seasons and wrote down their proofs on another piece of paper.  They then shared the final product with the rest of the class.  Totally awesome!


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