Fourth Grade Learns “All About Trees”

Recently, fourth grade students experienced outdoor classes as part of the Georgia Mountain Research Education Center’s program called “All About Trees.”

While on the Georgia campus, these students learned about Appalachian native tree identification, tree competition, Indian trail trees, tree parts, uses of the forests, forest ecology, saving the Chestnut trees, and habitats and limiting factors. 

Fourth grade teacher, Ms. Ashley said:

They loved it! It was set up in stations – they loved the habitat competition station where they got to run around and compete for food (index cards), the tree identification station, and learning about Indian trail trees.  They also learned about the American chestnut tree and the different products we use that come from trees.

The stations were just long enough and very engaging – super nice volunteers as well!

What a great, hands-on opportunity to learn more about the trees and ecology of our region!


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