Fourth Grade STEM Project – Electricity and Electrical Circuits

2014-02-18 09.25.16

Fourth graders have been learning about electricity and electrical circuits in science recently.  Students have experimented with electrical components and determined which circuits were correctly wired and which weren’t. Students looked at circuit schematics and hypothesized if they would cause a light bulb to burn.  With no experience creating circuits before, students worked in groups to create a real life circuit based on their diagrams.  Ms. Chris guided them through troubleshooting during the test and improve stages of the engineering process.  Many “This won’t work… we need help!” comments, turned into “Our wire may be loose; our battery may not be in correctly,” then into, “Look, it works!”   Groups created multiple series and parallel circuits.  Additionally, during experimentation and collaboration, a group of students devised a model to explain short circuitry to the rest of the class!

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