Fouth Grade Science in the Garden

Recently fourth grade students met with Ms. Emily to learn the importance of nutrition first hand.  Students are studying nutrition and development in science and Ms. Emily was invited to explain nutrient density of foods and the importance of being connected to your food supply.

Soil fertility and amendments were explored, as well as the topics of heirloom fruits and vegetables versus modern hybrid vegetables.  They also discussed the various vitamins and minerals that these vegetables contain and why they are healthy for their bodies.  Students then went to work in the school garden weeding, picking, stringing, and snapping beans, picking and arranging flowers for the school, and watering the greens in the newly resurrected TLC! Greenhouse.

While working in the gardens, several students expressed an interest in planting flowers and beans in a garden at home.  Others shared their experiences with gardening and helped the other students learn the proper way to pick the beans and string them. Many wanted to try the raw beans. The flowers also made wonderful displays in various classrooms around campus.

Once all the beans are strung and snapped, Ms. Emily will be cooking them up for the 4th graders to enjoy.

The 4th grade students have also been keeping track of the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables they taste and/or eat each day and are logging it on a large chart in the classroom.  When they have reached their goal of 800 tastings/servings, they will be celebrating with a healthy fruits & vegetables tasting party!  In less than 2 weeks, the students have already logged close to 300 tastings/servings!


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