Geography Scavenger Hunt . . . and so much more!

Those on the far left in red are made in USA. Those in far right in blue are made in China. Various countries are represented in the middle section.

Each Friday grades 5-8 are participating in a Geography Scavenger Hunt as part of their Middle REAL program.  The students are divided into teams and each team is lead by a different middle school teacher.  During the first week the teams were each sent to search for items on campus that had information about where the item was manufactured.  Each team kept track of their findings and listed where each item was made.

For example, a box of Saran Wrap was made in USA.

As the weeks have progressed each team has been responsible for tracking the information, organizing the information, and finding the countries on a world map.  This project continues!  The next time you see a 5th-8th grader be sure to ask them what they are doing now with their Geography Scavenger Hunt!


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