Helping the Charter School Cause

A new charter school bill is moving fast in the North Carolina Senate and charter schools need our help.

Senate Bill 8, the “Charter Cap Plus” bill, passed the full Senate Education Committee today and will be on the floor for a full senate vote tomorrow in all likelihood. Amendments by Sen. Malcolm Graham to address access to charter schools by adding mandates for weighted lotteries, transportation, and food service, were defeated primarily on a party-line vote. Republicans argued that the law already provided for efforts to attract and educate at risk children and the charter schools had demonstrated an ability to do that as testimony by Cheryl Turner of Sugar Creek Charter and Michael Pratt of Rocky Mount Prep provided. Matthew Norcross, a high school student and product of Phoenix Academy, told of his successful journey through that High Point charter school.

The bill sets up a Commission to authorize, monitor, and report on the state’s charters as well as other provisions you have been asking for. One of these is the reversal of the onerous language inserted into the 2010 Budget Bill which allowed the LEAs to continue to remove certain funds from the “Current Expense Fund”, which the law originally intended to be shared with the charter schools.

There will be fierce opposition by the school administrators and school boards in the coming days (hours).  Senate Bill 8 will do great things for existing and hopeful future charter schools in our state!

Senator Jim Davis at (919)733-5875 or by email at

Representative Roger West at (919)733-5859 or by email at

The Learning Center! Charter School’s sole intent is to provide our  school community with information about what is happening politically in  our state regarding charter school law.  We solely seek to inform.


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