Honoring 9/11 with a TLC Day of Service

Today every student at TLC! fanned out across our community to “pay it forward.”

Beginning at 8:30am the entire student body and staff congregated in our front school parking lot for the Kickoff Ceremony.

All were present . . . from preschool through eighth grade.

Pledging to the flag.

Honoring those that died on September 11, 2001.

Mayor Hughes was our special guest.

Students then ventured out to local non-profit organizations to give back to our community.  They visited Murphy Medical Center Nursing Home, the Murphy Police Department, Murphy Public Library, REACH Thrift Store, Project Creek Bank, Murphy River Walk and a local food pantry.

At Murphy Medical Center Nursing Home

Murphy Police Department

Murphy Public Library

REACH Thrift Store

Murphy River Walk

Local food pantry

Additionally, students also worked on campus with construction, repair, garden and beautification projects.

This day not only honored those who gave all on September 11th, but helped develop the character of our students.  A special thank you to Ms. Ashley for suggesting this day of service and making it happen at TLC!

Second grade teacher Ms. Ashley


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