Inclement Weather Policy

The Learning Center! Charter School Inclement Weather Delays and Cancellations Policy

Here are a few reminders regarding weather delays and cancellations. The following should be remembered:

• Inclement Weather includes not only snow and ice, but flooding, rock and mud slides and many other possibilities.

• For the safety of your family take efforts to be aware of weather conditions in our area.

• TLC! is currently using a Parent Notification System in which you will receive a phone call regarding a delayed start or school closing. Please always make sure your phone numbers are up to date to ensure you receive this call.

• Remember that we live in a geographically large area. What is happening or not happening in your backyard may not be the case for other families. For that reason, when you know as an informed parent that inclement situations are a possibility, always check the local radio stations, ( WKRK or weather line on WKRK 835-3200 seems to be the first to alert but sometimes as late as 7:30) and TV stations. If necessary, establish a buddy system with some person that you know is in the know, and have that person give you a call. The radio station also provides a text messaging service you can sign up for that will also notify you.

• WE WILL ALWAYS FOLLOW CHEROKEE COUNTY’S DELAY OR CANCELLATION SCHEDULE. They have the manpower to check the roads. Be assured they will err on the side of caution when they make that decision, for accidents have happened in the past that no one wants to risk again.

• WE WILL SEND OUT INFORMATION TO OUR PARENTS ABOUT MAKE-UP DAYS. We do NOT follow Cherokee County’s make-up schedule.

• If for some reason, none of the above has worked for you and you show up at the school, let the lack of cars and lights be an indicator that something is not as usual. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD A STUDENT BE DROPPED IN THE PARKING LOT IN HOPES THAT SOMEONE WILL ARRIVE. There will be no staff member present to supervise students before the official time of school The Learning Center! follows Cherokee county schools delayed start schedule. There is no Early Bird breakfast on these delayed mornings so the schedule will be as follows:

****Please note: Students must arrive and be signed in through the Dining Commons early enough to be IN CLASS and ready to work by the times noted as follows:

9:00 *1 hour delay: no breakfast, students still check in through the Dining Commons.

10:00 *2 hour delay: no breakfast, students still check in through the Dining Commons.

11:00 *3 hour delay: no breakfast, students still check in through the Dining Commons. In the event of a 2 hour delay.

The doors of the Dining Commons will NOT open before 9:30.

Students must sign in through the Dining Commons even though we are not serving breakfast. We will start sending students to homerooms at 9:45. THE GOAL IS FOR STUDENTS TO BE IN THEIR ROOMS READY FOR INSTRUCTION AT 10:00 SHARP. Getting to school on time is very important since your child will have already missed instructional time because of the delay. We ask that you keep this information available for easy reference. We will also send out phone tree reminders for all inclement weather days.

Your child’s safety and the safety of others must be the top priority.


Mary Jo Dyre, Director


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