Integrating Math and Science

[Ms. Jamie took her 6th graders to the park.  This is what she had to say about the lesson.]

The 6th graders and I took a walking field trip down to the park.  We used pedometers to measure how many steps it would take to get down to the park from the school.  After we walked to the park we then wrote down the numbers of those who wore pedometers and discussed/brainstormed which variables were a factor in why some people had more steps than others.  The list included:  pedometer malfunction, length of stride, bumping or excessively jiggling the pedometer, or maybe taking a few more steps than someone else by walking around a little more.  We then added up all of the numbers and discussed the mean, or average, steps it took to get down to the park.  We ended up with 1228.5 steps.  We had to include some fun, so we had a kickball game and enjoyed the scenic view of the river walk too!


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